Smart Chair XT



Solutions for Every Shopper While many people enjoy using motorized carts, some require assistance while shopping. Our manual shopping chairs are designed to accommodate people who are elderly or have minor mobility challenges, as well as adults and children with disabilities.


It can be challenging to meet every guest's needs for equipment to make shopping easier. The unique features of the SmartChair XT can accommodate a variety of needs, including small children with disabilities and senior citizens.

  • Front-facing design for an interactive shopping experience
  • Five-point harness with retractable seat belt
  • Harness can be stored behind seat
  • Tilted padded seat provides maximum comfort and support for muscle weakness
  • 3 baskets offer flexible option to store produce/groceries
  • Automatic locking brake on handle
  • Flip-back arms for easy transfer
  • Generous leg room for people of varying heights


Finish:Powder Coat
Color Options:Black
Capacity:450 lb
Top Basket Capacity:55lb

Smart Chair XT